Privacy Policy


The privacy of our visitors to is important to us.

How does YouTube decide if the content has to be removed for a privateness violation?

For content to be considered for removal, a character has to be uniquely identifiable by image, voice, complete name, Social protection wide variety, financial institution account wide variety or contact facts (e.g. domestic cope with, electronic mail deal with). Examples that would not violate our privateness pointers encompass gamer tags, avatar names, and deal with data wherein the individual isn’t always named. We additionally take the public hobby, newsworthiness, and consent into account whilst figuring out if the content material should be removed for a privacy violation. YouTube reserves the proper to make the final willpower of whether a contravention of its privacy hints has occurred.

What does uniquely identifiable mean?

To be considered uniquely identifiable, there need to be enough data within the video that permits others to recognize you. Please word that just due to the fact you can identify your self in the video, it does no longer suggest you’re uniquely identifiable to others. a primary call without additional context or a fleeting picture, as an example, might no longer possibly qualify as uniquely identifiable.

How does YouTube’s privacy technique work?

If a privacy criticism is filed, YouTube affords the uploader an opportunity to dispose of or edit the personal data inside their video. We problem notification of the potential violation and provide the uploader 48 hours to do so on the criticism. If the uploader gets rid of the video all through these forty-eight hours, the complaint filed can be closed. If the capability privacy violation remains at the website after forty-eight hours, the YouTube group will then overview the complaint.
Our privateness criticism system also debts for instances that warrant pressing removal of touch or economic records.

Reporting a privateness violation

To report a privateness criticism, begin the privateness criticism technique. as the complainant, your privacy is respected in this process. At no point will your identification or touch facts be released to the uploader without your consent. Our communications to you approximately this system will be despatched on your registered electronic mail cope with. upload [email protected] to your junk mail clear out to ensure you receive those messages.
First-celebration claims required
We do no longer take delivery of claims on behalf of 1/3 parties besides inside the following situations:

the person whose privateness is being violated does no longer have to get right of entry to a laptop
the man or woman whose privateness is being violated is a susceptible man or woman
you are the figure or felony father or mother of the individual whose privacy is being violated
you act as a prison representative for the person whose privateness is being violated

we will no longer receive privacy court cases filed on behalf of:

other family members (e.g., husband, wife, cousin, brother, sister)
co-employees or personnel (people ought to document themselves)
a business enterprise

guidelines on filing an entire privateness criticism
Please be clear and concise so that the YouTube group can pick out you in the video.

Use the time stamp to suggest only one or locations in which you really appear inside the video.
inside the description area, please specify what you are wearing or doing that differentiates you from others within the video.
make certain you’ve protected the video URL in your record. You are not required to post a URL in case you are reporting a whole channel.
if you are reporting a remark made within the remarks section of a video, please be aware this within the description place. encompass the commenter’s username in the username subject.

Receiving observe of a privateness violation

YouTube offers you, the uploader, a possibility to do away with or edit the non-public records on your video. We email you approximately the ability violation and allow you 48 hours to do so on the complaint. if you cast off the alleged violation of the website online within the forty-eight hours, the criticism filed will then be closed. If the potential privacy violation remains on the web page after forty-eight hours, the grievance will be reviewed by means of the YouTube team.
If we remove your video for a privateness violation, please do no longer upload some other version offering the equal human beings. those individuals will probably record some other privacy criticism or document you for harassment. we’re severe about shielding our customers and droop bills that violate humans’ privacy.

What if I’ve obtained consent from the individuals?

regrettably, we can’t receive or overview agreements granting consent before the video became uploaded. as a consequence, we may also still eliminate your video primarily based upon the complaint.

How am I able to address the criticism?

you could get rid of the stated content absolutely from the website online.
If someone’s full call or other private data is listed within the identify, description, or tags of your video, you may edit this with the aid of going to My films and clicking the Edit button at the mentioned video.
due to the fact they can become off at any time, annotations are not considered the suitable method of enhancing.
making a video personal is also not an acceptable solution, because the uploader can alternate the reputation from private to public at any time.