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by James Ami Taray Taray Rotiye Debo
Tumi Amaar Song Lyrics Extracted
from the poem Uttar Written by the
lagendary poet Shamsur
Rahman from Nogor Baul Bangla Album.

Song Name: Ami Taray Taray
Album Name: Nogor Baul
Singer: james

Taray Taray Lyrics :

Shundori-toma amar
Tumi nelimaar dike takiye
bolte paro
Ei akash amar (x2)

Neela-kash robe niruttor
Manush ami cheye dekho
Neelakash robe niruttor
Jodi tumi bolo ami ekanto tomar

Ami Taray Taray Rotiye Debo
Tumi amar
Ami Taaray Taaray Rotiye Debo
Ami tomar

Camellia haate ei sondhay
Valobeshe joto khushi
Bolte paaro, Ei ful amaar
Phool sudhu chorabe shourobh
Lojjay bolbe na kichui
Ful shudhu chorabe sourav
Lojjay bolbe na kichui
Phul thakbe nirob

Ami Taray Taray Rotiye Debo
Tumi amar
Ami Taaray Taaray Rotiye Debo
Ami tomar

Jochona lutalei
Tumi odhikaar niye,
Bolte paro,
Ei jochona amar (x2)

Ei chand khujbe na uttor
Ekbaar-o jodi bolo
Ei chad khujbe na uttar
Ek baar jodi bolo amake
Aami thakbo na nirbaak…

Ami Taaray Taaray Rotiye Debo
Tumi amar
Ami Taray Taray Rotiye Debo
Ami tomar

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(born 2 October 1964), known by his nick name James,
is a Bangladeshi singer-songwriter, guitarist, and
composer and a playback singer . He is the lead singer,
songwriter and guitarist of the rock band “Nagar Baul
” (previously Feelings) , which he founded in 1977. James
was born and raised in Naogaon. But, he grew up in Rajshahi City.

James has also led a successful solo career
, with hit albums like Ananya (1989),
“Palabe Kothay (1995), Dukhini Dukkho Korona (1997),
Thik Achhe Bondhu (1999)
. He sang in four Bollywood films, including Gangster (2006), Warning (2013)

James rose to mainstream fame in the 1990s as
the frontman of Feelings, which is one of the
“Big Three of Rock”, who were responsible for
developing and popularizing hard rock music in
Bangladesh, along with LRB and Ark. Feelings
is considered to be the pioneer of psychedelic
rock in Bangladesh. He is often referred by the name “Guru


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